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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

La Clase Laser de Argentina envia una carta a la ILCA / The Argentina Laser Class send a letter to ILCA

La Clase Laser de Argentina envió la semana pasada a la International Laser Class Association, otra carta con motivo de explicar las dificultades para la distribución de materiales de Laser y la calidad de los mismos. Actualmente no se estan fabricando lasers y material a tiempo y la calidad de todas las cosas es pesimo. Todas las cosas provienen de Chile.

The Argentinian Laser Class last week send a letter to the International Laser Class Association, to explain the dificults of delivery of lasers and laser parts and accesories and the bad quality of all. Actually we cant buy lasers and materials at time and the quality is very very poor. All is provided from Chile.
Para quienes no saben, la clase laser se organiza con dealers que son uno por país (depende el país) y en mundo solo hay 5 fábricas de cascos y materiales de Laser para garantizar que los barcos sean iguales. La fábrica de Chile es la encargada de vender a toda sudamérica (excepto Brasil que compra en GBR) . Nos toca si o si comprar las cosas a los Chilenos a travez del dealer de Argentina. Es un echo que la calidad de barcos y mástiles es muy mala ya que las pruebas estan en los echos. A quien no se le ha roto una base Radial de la de los chilenos??? Alguien vio a dealers chilenos en el sudamericano a los de Punta del Este como pegaban los stikers y armaban topes??? Esto es no respetar los manuales de construcción y dejando duda del origen de los mástiles.

For knowledge of people, the laser class is organizating with dealers, one for countrie (depend the countrie) and around the world they have just 5 factories of hulls and materials Lasers to garantizated all boats same (Monotipe philosophy). The Chile Factory is responsabile to sell to all Southamerica (Except Brazil, buy in England). We dont have antoher choice to buy chileans materials at argentinian dealer. Is a fact, the bad quality of hulls and mast. Who dosent brooke a Radial mast from Chile??? Somebody saw in the 2006 southamerican Championship in Punta del Este, they put the stikers "insitu" and put the rivets to make tops??? That is not pay atention in the construction manuals and send a dude abouth the origin of mast.

Aca te venden uno de los mástiles como mástiles ingleses. La verdad es que ya no traen mas mastiles de Inglaterra. Traen los tubos de USA y los arman en Chile, con remaches flojos y agujeros puestos con diferencias entre estos y los que vienen de europa. Aca te dicen que son ingleses y encima te los venden mas caros.
Here in Argentina you can buy a mast, like English mast. The true is: we dont have any more mast from England. They bring the aluminuim tubes from USA and finish to make in Chile, with rivets in bad position and a lot of diference between this and mast coming from europe. Here say: "this mast coming from England" (Lies...) in addition you pay more expensive!!!

A título personal me toco vivir una mala pasada con una base Radial que gracias a la intervención del dealer de Inglaterra tuvo solución. También he visto bases y topes comprados nuevos y doblados el primer día de uso, entre otras cosas.

At personal tittle i live a bad episodie with a Radial Mast, thanks at the intervetion of England Dealer i have a solution. I saw a lot of mast buying here, and used for first time and brooked

(Fotos= Base Radial "Inglesa" de Chile Vs Mastil Ingles de Inglatera / Ultima foto se ve el tubo que le ponen a las bases radiales que vienen de Chile)
(Photos= "English" radial mast from Chile Vs English Mast from England / last is a section inside the mast from chile in Radial Mast)

Deja tu comentario ACA sobre este articulo o cosas que se te hallan roto por mala calidad. Tu opinion es importante. (asi no nos garcan mas....)
Add your comments HERE abouth this article and other lasers materials brooked for bad quality. Your oppinion is important

The Letter:

Buenos Aires,
March 29 th 2007
Att.: Mr. Jeff Martin
I hereby report you about the great difficulties that we are going through in our countryregarding boat and accessory supply.
The company RIOTECNA is the official supplier in Argentina of all “LASER” items, totallydepending on the Chilean company “PRIMEX”.
Lately, material shipping has been disastrous, not only timing but also quality. They lack stock, and they only manufacture previous orders, resulting in delivery delays for more than 90 days.
Besides, the quality of the hull is getting worse and most of the mast and upper mast, inthe last shipping, got bent and broken, even though they were sailed by lightly helmsmen and winds below 20 knots.
At the same time, we had problems with the delivery of identifying plaques of thesail number, which they are usually not delivered with the boat, but arrive many weeks after.
Due to the huge expansion we are going through in our fleet and the active participationof the existing “Laser” community, we are in urgent need to solve this problem in order tokeep the continuous participation of the Laser Class members in planned boat races in ourannual calendar.
We would really appreciate the application of the necessary mechanisms so we can easily buy boats and accessories of the best quality.
Thank you in advance for your help. If any doubt arises, do not hesitate to contact us.I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ing. Carlos Palombo
Argentine Laser Association
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