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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Junior Olympics, Island Height NJ

28 and 29 July was the JO in New Jersey with 55 Laser Radials at starting line. Ligth wind conditions with 5 races, give chance to Puerto Rico guys to be at top of the fleet. The winner was Max Lopez.
The FBYC team was: 6` Kyle Swenson / 11` Michael Keane
The Juan Pablo Carranza Team: 4` Rob Aldian / 15` Dylan Finneran / 5`Women Kailei Savacool
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Island Heights JO NJ

domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

2008 Atlantic Coast Championships, Brant Beach, NJ, USA

Las 12, 13 august was the Atlantic Coas Championship in Brant Beach NJ. This event is one of the most important in the East Coast of North America. At this regatta haved people from others countries like Puerto Rico, Ecuador, France and Canada, in the laser fleet with 95 Radials, 63 Full Rigs, and 17 Laser 4.7 = total of 175 Lasers.
The FBYC Team was with Kyle Swenson, Michael Keane, Mary Catherine Buhl, and Dingo (Coach) and the most important part of the team = the parents!!! Big Help!!!
The championship held 7 races with winds between 10-14 knots in trapeze race course like international regattas and around 1 hour each race. Like home!!!
The sailors of the FBYC make a good experience in this kind of regattas, and make a big steep to improved skills. Not easy conditions, with some little waves and sea plants make to check the centerboard and ruder every 10 seconds to dont loose speed. The wind and the current make another challenger for the races.
The top posisions in Radial Fleet was fighting between Puerto Rico, Ecuador and some others from USA. The Puerto Rico Guys make diference at last day demostrating his experience in this regattas. From Ecuador, Edgar Diminich (expert opti sailor and new in radial class) start like one of the favorites and with some problems on last day and protest finish on 9 overall. PUR finish first and second.
The suprise of this Regatta was Dylan Finneran from Toms River NJ, finish in 3 overall. His coach is Juan Pablo Carranza from Argentina.
Next week we go trainig together with Juan at some regattas on NJ and MA

Thanks to all people from Brant Beach, the members of the club, Lisa, Ed, all people there. Make me feel like home, or maybe better???!!!. Thanks!!! Dingo

The top Five Position in Radial Class / 95 Boats / 4 Countries
1/PUR/David Alfonso
2/PUR/Max Lopez
3/USA/Dylan Finneran
4/USA/Cristian Cremer
5/USA/Collin Leon

22/USA/Kyle Swenson / FBYC
78/USA/Michael Keane / FBYC

Full Results Radial Click Here

Laser 4.7 / 17 Boats
1/USA/Dominique Racine
2/USA/Wendy Reuss
3/USA/Christina (Chri Frost)

16/USA/Mary Catherine Buhl / FBYC

Full Results 4.7 Click Here

Photos HERE

2008 Atlantic Coast Championship

lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

Un poco de Dingo en USA

Bueno les cuento todo por aca como va. Estoy ahora en Brant Beach en New Jersey en la casa de la familia donde estuve el anio pasado. Muy buena onda todo. Este finde que paso tuvimos el Atlantic Coast Championships y hubo como 200 lasers. Mas adelante pongo mas info de eso. Bueno en lo que paso de tiempo estuve medio desconectado porque mi compu se rompio y bueno tuve que comprar otra. Hemos tenido varios campeonatos por aqui y a los pibes les ha ido bien. La vida aca esta buena y me estoy acostumbrando a lo lindo. Bueno ahora sigue el Maryland State Championship en Corsica River. No se compara con el campeonato de este finde pasado. Bueno en breve pongo mas fotos. Les dejo videos de la foto de la Junior Week y mi bote de coach super star