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lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

2010 Laser World Championship, Hayling Island UK. El Australiano Slingsby Gana nuevamente, Alsogaray ARG termina 4°

Finalizó el Mundial de la clase Laser Standard. Con mas de 150 competidores ganó nuevamente el australiano Tom Slingsby. El San Pedrino Julio Alsogaray finalizó 4°. Un Excelente puesto en esta clase olimpica. Grande Julio!
Diego Romero finalizó 25° tras sufrir un DSQ en la última regata.
El Brasilero Bruno Fontes subio mas de 100 puesto en los últimos días
En los Junior se destacó Juan Pablo Bisio finalizando en el puesto 14°

Copio palabras del campeón, muy interezante! (fuente http://www.laserworlds2010.co.uk/news/_1269/Slingsby_secures_third_title._Schierup_wins_Juniors)

Tom Slingsby (AUS): “It is amazing for me after four and a half months in Europe, to finish off with two world titles in two weeks and today being my birthday, it could not be better.
The first race I was steady sitting around 10-15 and then I jumped up at the end to get close to Nick which I was really happy with. And then in the second race I though I would stay on the same side of the course as Nick and he went off the pin end and tacked and crossed the fleet I thought I needed to just reel him in a bit, but then I saw him capsize in to leeward. And then he went back out to the left side and then he overlaid the top mark, so I had a nice little buffer around the top mark. On the first run I capsized and did a full turtle. And then as soon as I got the boat back up I put the vang on, put the daggerboard down and then just took it easy to make sure I did not make any more mistakes.

“ I’d say that this one is one of the most satisfying for sure. After last year I was wondering if I still had the drive and the talent to get back to the top, a few big questions asked of myself. And this year I have proven that I still deserve to be there. I feel great and it is great to win a couple of years out from the Olympics.”
“ I’m not to sure what it is that kept me going. I love the lifestyle, for me I love winning. I am the most competitive person you will ever meet, whether that is table tennis or world Laser titles. The competition is just great. The Laser is just the most exciting boat to sail competition-wise. I am just rapt!”
On any desire to challenge Robert Scheidt’s eight Laser worlds titles:
“ I don’t think I’ll ever get to eight. I just take each one as it comes. I can’t ever myself going for eight worlds titles, but hopefully at least a couple more.”

On coach Michael Blackburn (AUS):
“In 2006 I lost out on the final day to my coach Michael Blackburn, who won. We went up against for the 2008 trials and I got the nod, just, and since then he has been in a coaching role and last and this year he has been my full-time coach.
He is great. We are very different people. I am a bit lazy and naturally talented whereas he was a really hard worker, put in the hours. He has taught me a lot about professionalism, how to be prepared. My weaknesses are now some of my strengths and that is because of Michael.”
On coming back from his Olympic despair:
“ After the Olympics, going in as one of the favourites and coming away with 22nd, I was really destroyed. I wondered if I wanted to do it again. After a few months I decided to go again but I would take it a bit easy, but then last year I was taking it a bit easy, not training so much and I was just getting flogged at every regatta so I decided to pick up the training and go back to my schedule to win, and I have been working hard since and the results are starting to pay.”
“ Victor Kovalenko, our head coach, always says you learn more from losing than winning and so I learned a lot about China. I learned how to lose and picked up the things I did wrong and how to improve them, and I have to go through the motions, I’ve learned to tick every box and go there as prepared as I can be.”.

Laser Standard / 159 Competitors

1° AUS Slingsby Tom 50pts
2° GBR Thompson Nick 86pts
3° NZL Murdoch Andrew 96pts
4° ARG Alsogaray Julio 109pts
5° CYP Kontides Pavlos 112pts
6° NZL Junior Joshua 114pts
7° FRA Bernaz Jean-Baptiste 118pts
8° BRA Fontes Bruno 125pts
9° GBR Goodison Paul 126pts
10° CRO Stipanovi Tonci 133pts

110° ARG Verdier Daniel 259pts
115° ARG Buiatti Federico 307pts
121° ARG Schargorodsky Nicolas 324pts

Junior / 119 Competitors
1° DEN Schierup Thorbjoern 35pts
2° ITA Marrai Francesco 40pts
3° GBR Mills-Barton Alex 53pts

14° ARG Bisio Juan Pablo 134pts
21° ARG Renna Francisco 162pts

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